"Your natal chart is like your energetic blueprint or your soul's energy map," It shows you a snapshot of where the planets and luminaries were at the exact moment of your birth and, therefore, carries a map of the energy you're working with in this lifetime." So, even a set of twins born a few minutes apart will have different charts. With 12 possibilities for each planetary placement in your natal chart, not to mention their unique aspects, no two natal charts are exactly alike. This is where we find out where you belong in the universe.

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Birth Chart Reading



"It's The Energy For Me".

Relationship Reading

1 hour  /   $150

Tarot reading for love is one of the most accurate forms of divination. These readings reveal your current situation and predict what will happen in your future. The Seven Stars spread will help you notice little aspects of your relationship that might have seemed insignificant at first glance and will also help you understand your partner’s intentions.


Monthly Transit Reading

1 hour  /   $150

What are monthly transits? The cosmos is in constant flux; planets are in constant motion. These current movements relative to position of the planets at the time of your birth, in Astrology, are called transits. Transits are determined by comparing you birth chart with the current position of the planets.

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